Invstr, the leading investing app educating the next generation of investors, has launched Stock Market Tracks, a new investing-themed rap competition to inspire young people to learn about the world of finance through music.

The competition, which is open to entrants globally, encourages individuals to sharpen their investment knowledge in a fun and creative way, and offers a $1000 cash first prize for best song. With research showing a lack of understanding and engagement with investing, the competition aims to demystify finance and appeal to young people’s creativity and thirst for knowledge.

Invstr is partnering with New York City-based STEAM 16, a youth organisation, founded by Ron Livingston, that focuses on making Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics accessible through the “16 bars” in a rap verse.

Growing up in the foster care system in Camden, New Jersey, Ron noticed that students are falling behind, particularly in minority communities, because schools are failing to present and integrate STEAM subjects. He was inspired to educate students in these communities through entertainment. With only 23 percent of Americans aged 18 to 37 saying that the stock market is the best place to put money they won’t need for 10 years or more, STEAM 16 and Invstr want to educate young people and set them up for financial success.

“Our goal is to open up finance to people who may never have considered investing as an option before. This competition is a great way for people to start thinking about an investment portfolio,” said Kerim Derhalli, founder and CEO of Invstr. “Music is a fantastic medium to learn and we hope that this competition opens doors to the world of finance.”

“If minority communities had access to better investment tools and resources, they would be able to put money back into their communities more effectively,” said Ron Livingston, founder of STEAM 16. “Prominent rappers are investing in startups and launching their own businesses, and the Invstr and STEAM 16 partnership builds on this momentum so minority groups can also successfully manage their money. Invstr makes it easy to learn how to invest before taking on real stock market risk, which aligns perfectly with STEAM 16’s goal to demystify the world through rap music.”

To participate, entrants create a one-minute song using investing terms, such as Diversification, Cryptocurrency, Bulls, Bears, and Buying the Dips. Submissions to the competition will be posted onto the @stockmarkettracks Instagram account, where anyone can cast their vote on the best video.

Invstr’s award-winning financial literacy app helps young people learn about the financial markets through an engaging “Fantasy Finance” game that allows users to compete and learn about investing in a fun and risk-free way. The app includes real-time market data and enables users to also invest in the real stock market for as little as $1.

Invstr has reached over 200,000 Fantasy Finance users in just six months and has been promoted by Apple’s App Store as a popular finance app over 2000 times worldwide.