Concept about cloud computing, applications, storage, and services with a businessman touching a button on virtual screen

ComportSecure, a leading provider of enterprise cloud services, recently held talks to discuss the major ways that cloud computing can increase business profitability and productivity. Experts across industries agree that virtual solutions have many advantages over traditional methods of data storage and corporate infrastructure:

  • Cost effectiveness – The cloud can help with costs by eliminating over provisioning, cutting down on physical costs and creating a monthly budget. In addition, you can expand and scale back services as you need. The element that businesses should be aware of is that they must monitor cloud costs or they can get out of control.
  • Improves competitiveness – The cloud provides companies the needed speed and flexibility to accelerate their competitive advantage in the marketplace by eliminating repetitive maintenance tasks, providing faster access to needed resources and allowing you to leverage best in class technology. Additionally, cloud computing brings the flexibility, efficiency, and functionality to quickly adapt to market conditions by expanding or condensing resources when demand increases or decreases.
  • Increased Connectivity In the Workforce – Communication in the digital age means providing access at the touch of a button. Cloud computing can help with this endeavor by streamlining access to real time data for easy collaboration between employees, customers and partners, even from remote locations.
  • Increased Security – Maintenance is often ignored within corporate data centers because of time management, causing major vulnerabilities. Cloud service providers ensure that they pay attention to known vulnerabilities and do updates on a regular basis. In addition, they tend to have the latest security measures in place to protect their clients from breaches. While the cloud is open to vulnerabilities like any other platform, it is often more secure simply because of the care taken by providers to ensure your data stay protected.

“There is a reason that everyone is moving to the cloud, it provides flexibility, scalability and competitive advantages you simply can’t get with on-premise environments alone.” said Eric Young, Principal Cloud Architect. “The trick is to determine what you should house in the cloud and what should stay within your four walls. Cloud strategy must be well thought out and refined over time.”

The list of cloud providers continues to grow for a good reason, it provides advantages traditional infrastructure simply cannot offer. Comport believes that their hybrid cloud will continue to expand in the marketplace with IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS also taking hold in the coming years. As you expand your cloud presences, it is essential to find the right cloud services provider that will take the time to understand your business and help you leverage the power of the cloud.

ComportSecure can help you create a roadmap for your cloud migration. Get on the cutting edge of new technologies and progressions that are giving the world of business a new lifeline on productivity.