Technology and managed IT solutions provider SIS today announced the launch and branding of six cloud solutions: TruResiliency – automated disaster recovery services; TruBackup – data protection solutions; TruCompute – self-service virtual machines; TruNetwork – advanced network and security solutions; TruStorage – data storage; and TruManage – managed services.

These services allow SIS to assist clients in providing greater efficiency and speed in operations, while delivering more protection against growing network threats such as ransomware.

“SIS cloud solutions are built on the core tenants self-service, transparency and flexible consumption to empower our clients to accomplish more and achieve their business objectives,” said SIS CEO Steve Sigg. “The introduction of these solutions ensures our clients are well-positioned to take advantage of the strides in Digital Transformation that lay ahead.”

Sigg continued: “With a dedicated and experienced technical team, we deliver the ideal environment for both cloud and on-premises services in the most important areas of technology for our clients.”

Introducing SIS cloud solutions:

SIS TruStorage
SIS TruStorage provides multiple self-service storage consumption options to support your organization’s rapidly changing storage requirements whether that need is for high performance or cost effective scalable data archival.

SIS TruResiliency
SIS offers automated disaster recovery and availability solutions through its SIS TruResiliency offering. We give clients the peace of mind they need, knowing their data and operations are available in the event of a natural disaster or hardware failure.

SIS TruBackup
Protect your data with flexible backup solutions that automates the entire process. The SIS backup solutions deliver a flexible, policy-based backup system, allowing firms to focus on the core of their businesses with peace of mind knowing their data is protected.

SIS TruCompute
Combining our compute capabilities in both Intel and POWER with OS flexibility (Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i), we provide organizations the processing power to pursue business objectives in the area of business application support and emerging solutions such as IoT, blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

SIS TruManage
SIS provides managed services to deliver a customized, done-for-you computing environment that meets a firm’s most complex computing needs.

SIS TruNetwork
SIS TruNetwork makes always-on network connectivity a reality by providing clients with self-service access to high throughput and network security.

SIS provides clients with the flexibility to take advantage of services in the cloud or on their own premises, or in a hybrid cloud environment. This gives clients that work with SIS a customized solution tailored to their existing needs.

SIS is more than a vendor and serves as a true partner for clients looking to develop strategies that position them for growth well into the future. These solutions are designed to do just that by giving companies the freedom to use existing and emerging technologies in practical ways that work for them.

The SIS technical team leverages their decades of experience and knowledge base that spans  several vendors as well as POWER and Intel capabilities to provide our customers with the insights to know which solutions will help them best roll out their growth strategies.