Using Nasdaq’s Matching Engine, DX.Exchange introduces a unique Crypto-trading experience with no trading fees.

DX.Exchange announces their partnership with NASDAQ, which integrates the DX.Exchange platform with NASDAQ’s matching engine resulting in an unrivalled, P2P Crypto exchange. The team behind DX.Exchange brings years of experience in providing user-friendly and simplified derivative trading to the masses, and now cryptocurrencies have joined the easy trading arena that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Fully regulated in the European Union by the EFSA, DX.Exchange is committed to providing a transparent and ethical exchange between interested parties. Funds and personal data are protected with the most advanced encryption software, as well as the most vigorous cyber security solutions available today.

DX.Exchange is the first complete crypto community that allows institutions and individuals a transparent, “what you see is what you get” platform for purchasing of cryptocurrencies with FIAT, trading of cryptocurrencies, and converting crypto back to FIAT.  There are no trading fees for LITE accounts on the DX.Exchange platforms, only a 10 Euro monthly exchange membership charge that is sure to attract traders around the globe. This is the most modern and advanced crypto ecosystem, featuring innovative products for the Retail Trader, Broker, Market Maker and Institutional Investor.  Additionally, DX.Exchange offers Coins.Exchange where users can buy and sell crypto currencies with a credit card, quickly and easily.

“Cryptocurrencies have disrupted the Fintech revolution, and DX.Exchange stands with the basic principles of blockchain technology, trust and consistency,” says Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX.Exchange. “Crypto enthusiasts shouldn’t have to pay more than a minimal membership charge to trade with their peers, and they shouldn’t have to trade in an unregulated unsecure environment. The combination of NASDAQ technology and the DX.Exchange interface is one that will create a one-of-a-kind, fair trading experience, that puts the traders first.”