With AI, Google is catering an array of advanced offerings that will boost how healthcare, news, appointments and emails are done

The 2018 Google I/O conference, an annual developer event conducted by Google channelised its focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Anroid P and Google Assistant gained the major spotlight in the conference. The conference was held in Mountain View, California from 8th May to 10th May.

Stating how Google Assistant works, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, who was a keynote speaker at the conference, said: “Our vision for assistant is to help you get things done. And most of this happens via phone. We are helping users to connect to businesses in a good way. Even in the US Small businesses don’t have an online presence. Example, if you want to make an appointment for a haircut, the Assistant will actually calls the salon to make an appointment for you.”

“You can go to the Assistant page by swiping up and get a snapshot of your day, with information like the weather, upcoming flights, notes and orders. This new home page has “AI at the core” and will launch on Android in the summer and iPhone later this year,” Pichai added.

With the aid of AI and ML, Google has refurbished Google News. New AI techniques will analyse and check the stream of news information, scrutinise and categorise them into storylines. Pichai said: It is a challenging time for the news industry. Recently we launched the Google News Initiative and we committed $300m over the next three years.”

“We want to work with organisations and journalists to help develop innovative products and programs that help the industry. We have also had a product here for a long time, Google News. It was actually built after 9/11, it was a 30% project by one of our engineers who wanted to see news from a variety of sources to better understand what happened.

“People turn to Google in times of need and we have a responsibility to provide that information. This is why we have reimagined our news product.”

The conference also announced that Gmail, which is Google’s email service, has been equipped with a ‘Smart Compose’ feature. Like Google News, Gmail will also be backed by AI. The new ‘Smart Compose’ feature is equipped to comprehend email context and will be helping Gmail users to complete sentences even before they type them.

Google stated that its research has proven their AI model has the capability to predict health issues in the initial stages and suggest better diagnosis. The latest find from Google will help doctors in treating patients and will also advance healthcare sector.