Bigbelly, Inc., the world leading Smart City Solutions Provider specializing in smart waste and recycling systems, today announced it settled a complaint filed with the U.S. Central District Court in California alleging that Ecube Labs Co. Ltd. (South Korea), Ecube Labs Co. (U.S.), infringe on two Bigbelly patents covering energy management technologies for solar-powered compactors.

These patented Bigbelly technologies enable the Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system to acutely manage an energy budget based upon the solar energy harvested and the energy needs of the station. It is imperative that solar-powered compactors function in locations with limited or no direct sunlight, since most waste bins are in proximity of buildings, trees and other infrastructure. When deploying a solar-powered, compacting waste solution, Bigbelly’s patented energy management is critical to its success.

Today Bigbelly is pleased to announce that it has reached a  settlement in connection with this patent infringement action and counterclaims. As such, the parties have agreed to dismiss the entire case.

“Bigbelly is proud of the technology we have developed. We have leveraged critical customer installations in regions around the globe to enable us to develop the world’s leading smart waste and recycling system,” said Brian Phillips, CEO of Bigbelly. “The patents we have represent important technologies in our IP portfolio and are vital to the basic function of a solar-powered compactor. Our global customer base understands the importance of these patents, as they enable Bigbelly to operate with or without direct sunlight and in any location.”