The lucky 7th floor of Suntec City Tower II will soon be the mega blockchain hub of Asia as a full house of blockchain and blockchain-related companies make new homes there in April 2018. The 1336 sq. meter of co-working space was provided by Ucommune. Among the happy inhabitants is Talenta Pte. Ltd. (Talenta), who will be partnering with Ucommune to build a regional hub for Fintech technology. Under the concerted effort of Talenta and its partners, the co-working space will soon be the home offices of leading blockchain firms around the world and a regional innovation center for blockchain advancement and evolution.

Established in 2017, Talenta provides premium one-stop blockchain consulting services for their clients to run their blockchain projects and complete fund raising. Talenta is also the sole representative of CoinTime Asia, the leader of blockchain news media in China and Korea.

“We chose Suntec to be the headquarter for our partners and us because of its strategic location and its reputation for being the epic-center of technological innovations,” said a representative of Talenta.

Like the elite product line of Ucommune, Suntec City working space’s smart interior design, fintech ambience, and integration of technologies such as AI and IoT provide ample room for fintech community engagement and business growth. The landmark Fountain of Wealth is also the converging point of prosperity, luck and wealth of Southeast Asia, making Suntec City the perfect location for any blockchain company. Blockchain has redefined the infrastructure of value-distribution and provides the fundamental support to the upgrading of many traditional sectors. Talenta has been at the forefront of this technological advancement.

Singapore has emerged as a global hub of blockchain revolution in recent years thanks to its open policy and forward-oriented economic outlook. Its vibrant economy has nurtured some of the best known blockchain projects such as Zilliqa, TenX, and Kyber. The Singapore government has empowered fintech and blockchain projects with funding support and favorable regulations. The state city has increasingly become a converging point for international blockchain startups looking to establish their regional footprints.

As the base of Global Blockchain Hub, the Suntec City co-working space will be a showcase for Asia and the center of global innovation. Talenta will work with Ucommune to make the space more attractive and friendly to innovators in fintech and blockchain.