Academy-Award-winning® Actor and Environmental Activist also Joins Board of Advisors

Kingo, a pioneer in decentralized clean energy services for off-grid communities, announced today that Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the company as an investor and member of its board of advisors.

“We are honored to have Leonardo DiCaprio, someone who is seriously committed to addressing climate and environment-related causes, invest in Kingo and join our board of advisors,” said Juan Fermín Rodriguez, founder and CEO of Kingo. “Leo will help advise Kingo as we work to achieve growth through expanded R & D capabilities and new market entry strategies. We remain committed to developing innovative solutions to the 1.2 billion people who currently live in the dark.”

Kingo is creating the largest clean energy user base in history by offering decentralized prepaid energy services to families and businesses in off-grid villages across the world, all at a lower cost than candles, kerosene, diesel, and soon, the grid itself. The Company is playing a spearheading role in the fight against energy poverty by unlocking access to productivity, connectivity, and resources that catalyze development.

Kingo targets households at the bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP), providing disruptive solar energy technology that offers exponentially increasing value overtime, at accessible prices. Customers do not pay installation fees or maintenance costs, further reducing their financial burden.

“Solar power is key to a future without fossil fuels, and Kingo’s technology will help enable broad use of clean energy across the developing world,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. “I am proud to invest in Kingo as they seek to eradicate energy poverty, and I look forward to serving as an advisor to the company.”

Kingo has become a fast-growing multinational company that services more than 60,000 households across the developing world. The Company continues its remarkable evolution, and is installing around 7,000 new systems each month. 92% of its customers report saving money, 81% report improved educational performance for children, and 86% report increased productivity.

After demonstrating its ability to generate socially responsible value for its customers and stakeholders, Kingo is now extending its international borders, and investing heavily to enhance energy generation and storage technologies. The company is also integrating emerging exponential technologies like Blockchain, AI, and IoT into the mix as the means to eliminate energy poverty. By using these technologies, Kingo is creating the largest clean energy user base in history, empowering 500 million people by 2035.