Hyosung’s 8100 QTN, a micro ATM, now comes with a smaller footprint and advanced cash recycling capabilities

Hyosung, the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, is proud to announce the release of the 8100 QTN, a micro ATM, and the latest in Hyosung’s inventive line of ATM products and services.

Spurred by demand for a reduced footprint ATM with full functionality and cash recycling, the 8100 optimizes the best of Hyosung technology to provide an exceptional customer experience. Measuring 21-inches wide and 32-inches deep, the 8100 ATM provides full function, check and cash deposit in less than five square feet of space – the size of a traditional cash dispenser.  This small footprint enables financial institutions to provide full service in off premise locations.  Alternatively, the 8100 can act as a replacement for traditional lobby ATMs.

“We remain committed to bringing our customers tomorrow’s technology today,” said Scott Hackl, Senior Vice President of Sales of Hyosung, “and, the 8100 is just another revolutionary new product in Hyosung’s long line of ATM innovations.”

Use of Hyosung’s proprietary recycling technology leads to lower cash handling expenses, fewer cash replenishments and fewer cash deposit pulls making it a more cost-effective way to support transaction efforts. The Hyosung recycler also provides 25% fewer faults than traditional dispense and mixed media technology.

“By making this ATM smaller, we have allowed financial institutions to scale down their branch size, expand presence off-premise, lower cash handling expenses while also limiting cash replenishments,” said Hackl. “All of these factors contribute to an overall better customer experience, with simple user controls on the front end and intuitive maintenance access on the back end.”