Datix’s selection of Amazon Web Services as its cloud storage service provider will provide increased security, reliability, and availability, as well as continued compliance with UK and U.S. healthcare standards.

Looking to match its industry-leading patient safety software solution with a leader in cloud storage solutions, Datix has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its provider of cloud storage services, the company announced. Datix executives heralded the decision as an “evolutionary move” for the company’s two core software solutions, DatixWeb and Datix Cloud IQ.

“It is important that we are at the forefront of technological innovation,” said Phil Taylor, the chief operating officer at Datix. “Selecting AWS as our supplier for cloud services is an evolutionary move that allows us to maintain this position and continue to provide our customers with market-leading patient safety software.”

Named as the leader in the public cloud storage market, AWS offers clearly defined security, reliability, and high availability, as well as proven resilient and secure network capabilities. These were important considerations to Datix, whose software solutions must meet all UK and U.S. confidentiality, data protection, and information security standards and requirements. UK requirements are mandated by the National Health Service’s Information Governance (IG) Toolkit, while U.S. requirements were established in 1996 by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The IG Toolkit provides a mechanism for U.K. healthcare organisations to demonstrate they are trustworthy and can be depended on to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal health information. HIPAA is U.S. legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. With the selection of AWS, Datix customers can remain assured of full compliance of both the IG Toolkit and HIPAA, as well as the continuation of unparalleled service, business continuity, and reliability.

“DatixWeb and Datix Cloud IQ are best-of-breed software applications, and now our cloud storage service provider is best of breed, too,” Taylor said. “Our vision is to enable all healthcare organisations to generate and implement strategies to enhance the delivery of efficient, targeted, and effective patient care – at any time and from anywhere. With AWS, the realisation of this vision just got a little closer.”

DatixWeb is web-based patient safety software for healthcare risk management applications, delivering safety, risk, and governance elements through a variety of integrated software modules. Datix Cloud IQ is the next step in the future of patient safety. The SaaS-based software goes beyond the simple capture and review of data, allowing organisations to go one step further and improve quality improvement processes.

Because AWS is the largest and most-innovative cloud services provider and has the most mature capabilities for securely and easily migrating large datasets to the public cloud, Datix is able to guarantee not only complete customer confidence in the handling of personal patient information, but also compliance with IG and HIPAA requirements.