Partnership Allows People in 184 Countries to Buy Dash, Convert it, and Seamlessly Execute P2P Remittances

Dash, the top digital currency for payments, has been integrated into one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency platforms, Uphold, which enables 94 percent of the global population to buy and hold Dash online or on their mobile device, and send it anywhere in the world. Customers of the US-based digital money platform can now buy Dash directly via bank transfer in the U.S. and SEPA in the E.U., by converting any number of 30+ supported fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as sending to anyone with an active email address. Funding Uphold accounts using major credit cards will also be possible in the days following this integration.

CEO of Dash Core, Ryan Taylor said, “Uphold adds to the Dash ecosystem the fastest and easiest method yet for everyday consumers to acquire Dash. Dash already has many of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges integrated, but exchanges are generally intimidating for average users unaccustomed to trading. Uphold makes transactions much simpler than an exchange, and it supports users from most geographies. All of this means that another great option is available to consumers around the world at unmatched speed and remarkably low cost.”

Colin Luce SVP and Head of Global Business Development said, “We were eager to add Dash primarily due to the increased adoption and of real-world use cases. The organizational structure of Dash, with masternodes and proposals and the Core Group, is a recipe for long-term success, especially at a time where the vast majority of the top one-hundred blockchains and currencies are still primarily speculative.”

Luce continued, “Uphold provides a safe, simple and inexpensive way for consumers to move money across currencies and borders, without the delays and fees associated with legacy financial systems. Our customers are able to move out of unstable currencies, like the Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) or Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL), and transfer that value to more stable currencies, like USD. They can also access their funds anytime and are not exposed to market volatility and devaluation by holding USD instead of their native currency.”

Uphold has facilitated over $2 billion USD in transactions since its inception in 2015. Uphold also enables conversion to silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, and runs an advanced API that can leverage Dash’s upcoming decentralized payments system, Evolution.

Taylor said, “The Uphold platform is growing quickly because of its ease of use for both consumers and app developers that build services on its platform. In addition, consumers are increasingly aware that other digital currencies besides Bitcoin exist that offer the market unique features and functionality, like instant payments at the point of sale and online. Developers frequently cite Uphold’s robust programming interfaces, which is why so many applications are built on the Uphold platform. It is my belief that they offer the best solution to developers in the industry.”

Uphold will soon enable Dash’s instant transactions feature (InstantSend), which allows for transaction verifications in less than two seconds, a fraction of the time it takes for other digital currency transactions to clear. Dash has grown in value by 6300% since January 1 this year.