MobiBlue, LLC announced today the launch of a new Mobile Marketing Program for small business that includes a free custom mobile app. Until now, small businesses could not afford the cost of developing their own custom mobile app, which averages $25K-$75K for a functional backend. Larger companies will spend six and seven figures developing custom apps.

Nine Out Of Ten Consumers Use Smartphones To Shop

In today’s complex social media and online marketing environment, it’s difficult for small businesses to know what works much less make time to research and learn it. Even large companies with sophisticated marketing departments struggle getting their head around digital marketing. Now, mobile marketing adds a whole new layer of technology and fresh marketing techniques.

By 2019, Mobile Advertising Will Account For 72% Of All Digital Ad Spending In The U.S.

According to Ad Age, mobile ad-spend will exceed $65 billion by 2020, with little signs of slowing. In fact, mobile digital ad-spend has already outstripped desktop ad-spend. With mobile devices now accounting for just over half of all internet use, these numbers should no longer be surprising.

88% of Consumers Who Search For A Type Of Local Business On A Mobile Device Call Or Go To That Business Within 24 Hours

“You can’t overstate the importance of mobile,” says MobiBlue Founder and CEO Cliff Story. “Back in the early 90s, businesses didn’t foresee how the internet would alter the landscape. Now history is repeating itself with mobile. Mobile is no longer an option — it’s an imperative!”

By 2018, 80% Of Email Users Will Access Their Email Accounts Exclusively From A Mobile Device

MobiBlue has developed a powerful Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing Program that includes the most essential and effective marketing channels any business needs: Mobile Apps, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO Marketing and Video Marketing, all integrated into cutting-edge mobile marketing technology. MobiBlue’s platform enables small business to engage their target audience with mobile rewards/loyalty/referral programs, push-notifications, SMS/MMS programs, geo-fencing, GPS coupons, voice broadcast, video marketing, appointment reminders and customer satisfaction surveys.

84% Of Facebook’s And 60% Of Google’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile

MobiBlue designed its Mobile Marketing Programs with small business in mind and priced their services at an affordable $195 per month. Business owners will also appreciate that MobiBlue’s programs are fully managed, allowing owners to focus on growing their businesses. MobiBlue’s new Mobile Marketing plan now includes a free custom mobile app tailored for the business and its customers.

Mobile Offers Are Redeemed 10X More Than Printed Offers

“Mobile Marketing is too important to ignore,” adds Mr. Story. “When you consider the obsession people have for their cellphones, can you think of a better way to communicate with your target audience?”