Recognizing the power of live video for video business owners, Intelivideo announced today the newest component of its Subscription Video On Demand platform, Live Streaming. Intelivideo becomes the first On Demand platform to offer native live streaming embedded in its technology stack.

Unlike social platforms including Facebook and YouTube where users can live stream video free to their audiences, Intelivideo allows companies to offer live videos to paying subscribers. Intelivideo clients can also make money off live events through a pay-per-view type product.

For subscription video business owners, gated live stream content can be a very profitable tool and a unique way to engage subscribers. Intelivideo built Live Streaming native to its platform allowing clients to manage their entire subscription video business in one area.

“This is a new feature we’ve thought a lot about and worked hard to do right. We’re so excited it’s now available to all of our great clients who are the best at producing premium videos for their subscribers,” said Matt Given, CEO of Intelivideo. “Our clients can now add live streaming to the ways they engage their subscribers. We’re committed to adding premium quality features that help our clients grow and retain their subscriber bases. We love building tools that’ll help them grow and be successful.”

Intelivideo Live Streaming leverages HLS technology for maximum compatibility along with high-definition quality, multiple bitrate streaming and of course, the ability to stream live to any device anytime.

This feature release comes at a time when live streaming video accounts for two-thirds of all internet traffic and is expected to jump to 82% of traffic by 2020, according to Cisco’s June 2016 Visual Networking Index report.

“Live streaming is too big of an opportunity for clients to not explore,” Given said. “It’s a unique tool to grow a brand’s value. If done well, it can be another powerful option. Our Client Success Team is ready today to guide our clients through their first live stream. We’re offering all kinds of marketing and best practice support so that our clients can roll this feature out in a smooth fashion.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the $5.6 million funding round and the appointment of a COO/CFO earlier this year.