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In such an increasingly challenging and competitive market place very few organisations can emulate the rapid success of AEONRG LLC.  This article features William J Belknap Sr, Founder, CEO, and President of AEONRG, LLC and winner of ‘Most Responsible CEO – Construction Industry USA’ to discover his personal views on success, corporate social responsibility, and future plans.

Founded in 2012 by William J Belknap and his wife, Catherine (Cass) P Forkin, AEONRG LLC could be described as a relatively new entrant to the facility maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and migration to the commercial CLOUD data solutions services sector. Today, however, five years after its inception, the phenomenal rise of this Pennsylvania based organisation in securing over 85 Federal and State Government contracts totalling over $5m, bears evidence to its exceptionally strong leadership, vision, and values.

“AEONRG provides solutions to the data and facility management challenges of the United States. We preserve and maintain government data and facilities to honour our veterans and military while simultaneously creating substantial jobs for Americans,’” William proudly states.

We delve behind the scenes to find out more about this innovative entrepreneur and his unique journey to meteoric success which undoubtedly now positions AEONRG as a leader within its market sector.

Background and Beginnings

Very few organisations are established upon such a solid base of wide ranging expertise and experiences as those which William Belknap, brought to the AEONRG table back in its early days in 2012.

As a retired Army Major serving ten years in the tank division in the US, completing overseas assignments in Turkey and Germany and a further ten years in government contracting fulfilling a variety of roles including Contracting Officer and Director of the Army Science Board at The Pentagon, William’s personal commitment, dedication and reliability were proven requisites for success.  In conjunction with a further ten years spent within a major pharmaceutical company as Global Facilities Manager responsible for a corporate site and five different M&A integrations, his knowledge of project management, management consulting and federal government contracting formed the beginnings of a prosperous venture and a winning combination for AEONRG.

Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Achievements

With a trusted value proposition in both building teams and managing complex projects, William was able to fulfil a personal career objective – that of becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own business.

Together with his wife. Cass, and through the sharing of personal aims and corporate goals, they founded AEONRG in March 2012. To date the organisation is proud to catalogue an impressive list of growing testimonials including extensive projects for the Veteran Affairs Medical Centres (VAMC) other federal government departments with project values exceeding $5m – an achievement which outperforms many established market competitors.

AEONRG, with decades of corporate and government experience, defines success by the good work it does, for its customers and veterans. Company values combine to create an unparalleled passion to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers with integrity, respect and care through excellent teamwork and communication. Quality products, on-time delivery and an outstanding safety record is AEONRG’s reputation.

Secrets of Success

At the heart of AEONRG are a series of practical values and principles based on agility, expertise and speed. Understanding the individual challenges and needs of clients guarantees exceptional customer satisfaction. A comprehensive range of technical services in the field of traditional facility services – mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) construction and, experienced information technology (IT) professionals ensures high quality workmanship and prompt delivery leading to timely cost-effective solutions. The overall mission is ‘to make your job easier,’ and William offers further unique insight into how he believes AEONRG achieves this.

Technology is constantly evolving and to keep up to date in a fast-moving environment, an ongoing programme of training and learning is crucial. Employees need to not only understand individual challenges but also be conversant with regulatory requirements and suitably competent to implement the latest, most cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

Leadership Philosophy

He refers to the notable leadership style of General Patton, US Army, best known for his leadership following the allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944. “Provide the team with the mission / project goals and required resources and let them determine the best manner of successfully completing their portion of the project.” William and his employees have a passion for delivering high quality facility maintenance, repair, and service contracts, enjoy the variety of projects offered and thrive on the individual challenges presented. “I’m always amazed at the creativity of individuals and teams in achieving results,” he enthuses.

On a personal level, William attributes his outstanding success to several key factors. Undoubtedly his prestigious former army career provided definite character forming challenges and from this time in his life he can positively reflect – “I’ve learned the virtues of persistence, grit and a ‘never quit attitude towards achieving personal and organisational goals. I recognise my personal strengths and weaknesses and don’t hesitate to obtain assistance or advice to overcome these weaknesses.”  Likening his outlook on life to a ‘glass half full’ attitude and always searching for the ‘art of the possible’ this has played a major part in William’s personal success as an innovative CEO as well as leading AEONRG on to undisputed success.

Giving Back

Ethical values, social responsibility and moral principles also feature highly on AEONRG’s corporate agenda. The organisation’s mission statement quotes “We have an unparalleled passion to help keep America beautiful and secure, with integrity, respect, caring, and by delivering award winning services through excellent teamwork and communication.”  Giving back is an integral combination of time and money to include volunteering, donating, sponsoring, and spending quality time mentoring to help fellow veterans.

This stance is evidenced by AEONRG’s involvement in a wide array of charitable functions and initiatives, including Twilight Wish Foundation and its granting of over 2600 senior wishes to World War II, Korea and Vietnam Veterans and other seniors and, ongoing financial support to the Twilight Wishes Foundation. One of Bill’s most favourite wishes was the granting of a WWII US Navy Petty Officer’s with to visit a US Destroyer one more time. This was achieved by the generosity of the USS Mahan in Norfolk, VA in 2013. In total AEONRG contributed to the work undertaken by veteran supporting charities by donating 10 per cent of its 2016 bottom line profit. Additionally, William served as President of the West Point Society of Philadelphia for the past seven years; ensuring that veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Force were equally represented.

And for the future…

Demand for AEONRG’s products and services continues to rise with opportunities for growth from both existing partnerships and emerging new collaborations through the expansion of the US customer base. Industry sector growth rates for new opportunities over the next four to five years currently stands at 30 per cent. William remains confidently positive for the state of the industry going forward and emphasises the importance of AEONRG’s ongoing commitment to support The Twilight Wishes Foundation and the West Point Society as being integral to his future plans.

Further information on AEONRG’s current portfolio of products and services together with testimonials, achievements and contact details can be found on the organisation’s website –  www.aeonrg.com  and, Twilight Wish foundations website – www.twilightwish.com and, www.philadelphiawps.com