The story of this small but ambitious and lucrative UK “investment” bank is not one to be overlooked. Robbery Warshaw has been involved in a ton of big deals this year, with so many more to come it seems.

The boutique advisory firm led by Simon Robey, Simon Warshaw and Philip Apostolides operates with only nine employees, a small office and decades of combined experience from the world’s top investment bank.

This has enabled them capitalise on their vast network to secure positions on the country’s top deals of the year. They are currently one of the advisers for SAB Miller regarding the proposed £65 billion merger with Anheuser-Busch InBev. Besides this, they are also advising BG Group over their £47 billion merger with Shell. The firm worked with RSA while they were being pursued by Zurich Insurance, and did the same last year for AstraZeneca when it was being courted by Pfizer. While their revenue in profits remain in the single and double digit millions, this small firm and other boutique operators are garnering steam.

They will undoubtedly be involved with more big deals – and little ones – in the years to come, but they are firmly in favour of remaining small in size.