What do GE, Deloitte, British Airways, and Sony have in common? They have all chosen Wales as the perfect location for their businesses. With so much to offer, Wales is set to attract even more major companies, too.

Just Ask Wales

As a way of helping businesses choose Wales, Just Ask Wales offers streamlined assistance and access to everything from funding opportunities to flexible business space. Working alongside the Welsh government, Just Ask Wales is a portal for businesses to find out more about what they can gain from moving to Wales.

With a devolved government, Wales benefits from easy access to ministers, something lacking in many other business hubs. This easy access means less time wasted on bureaucracy and more time getting on with business. As part of the UK, though, Wales also benefits from the larger scale business incentives that are on offer to Britain and the European Union. Businesses choosing Wales have the ability to be part of these bigger economic areas without having many of the negative elements of other areas.

The Wales bonus

One such part of Wales that is a big draw over other areas is the quality of living and property prices. For both staff and business, the ability to find flexible, affordable property is crucial. A business needs to know it can expand when the time comes, and that their relocating executives will have a place to live that they will be happy to call home.

Wales offers just that. With seven Enterprise Zones and many other locations that are ready for business, Wales offers companies the space they need to grow. Wales also boasts many infrastructure bonuses that today’s business needs, such as some of the fastest broadband speeds in all of the UK.

But Wales is more than just business friendly, it’s also people friendly. The cost of living in Wales is significantly lower than in other business hubs in the UK, with property prices often as much as 40% lower than those of London. This means that executives can find a fantastic place to live, with plenty of natural beauty and culture right on their doorstep.

A dedicated workforce

One reason why Wales is such a draw for companies is the Welsh workforce. With dedicated employees, many companies find that those they hire in Wales stay for the long haul. This means experienced, high quality employees that your company can depend on.

In Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, as a sector, the Welsh workforce has shown to be superior. The productivity of employees in this sector is 20% higher in Wales than it is elsewhere. This means that your company can get more production for the staff costs.

The Welsh government is also committed to ensuring businesses get the workforce they need. An investment programme was recently announced to help crate 1,100 high quality jobs in Wales. This benefits both those in Wales who want a great job and the companies who want a great workforce.

If your company is looking for a new home, you don’t need to search around. Just ask Wales!