By Andy V Dickens  

What can a telemarketing company do for my business?

Ever wondered just what a telemarketing company could do for your business? You might be unsure about whether it’s the right investment at the right time, so we’ll be describing in detail what you might be missing out on.

First of all, what is a telemarketing company and what service do they provide? In a nutshell, what the telemarketers do is work for your business in contacting potential customers firstly over the phone, and then if necessary, face-to-face. There are two main kinds of telemarketing, those being inbound and outbound. Inbound involves customer service enquiries and outbound covers the sales calls, orders and building appointments.

This is a tried and trusted method that many businesses use to gain prospective clients and get your brand and products out there to a much larger audience. The ultimate goal is to drive sales sky high with the help of an established telemarketing company and this can be achieved afforded too, making this kind of technique extremely appealing.

So what are the key benefits of choosing to get a telemarketing team to work for your business?

  • The first big plus is that it is a very affordable method of marketing. The one and only cost involved is that of the phone bills and telemarketers wage.
    • Another bonus is that this can often provide results on the very same day. This isn’t a slow burning system, but one that can have an immediate impact on your business’ fortunes.
    • Telemarketing allows for the customer to give feedback instantaneously, rather than waiting fruitlessly for days or weeks for a reply that may never come.
    • It gives you the owner more freedom to delegate different tasks to your staff and allow them to follow chosen paths, rather than stay on the phones all day. This in turn, will boost morale.
    • The service can be used every day for 24 hours, so you can be safe in the knowledge that even when you are asleep, you are making breakthroughs and sales.
    • It can directly boost your business through expanding client bases and making sales that previously would not have been made.
    • Finally, it reduces the stress off your shoulders and allows an outsourced company to do this side of the work for you, without you worrying about managing this yourself.

Getting a telemarketing company to work for your business is especially helpful if yours is a new or small set-up. This is primarily because of the low costs involved, but also a means to creating fresh leads and driving sales forward from a very early stage. For any embryonic company wanting a decent foot-in with the competition, a telemarketing deal is essential.

The beauty of telemarketing is that you don’t have to start off with hiring an entire call centre. You could start off by doing some yourself, alongside employing one or two telemarketing professionals, just to boost your business presence. Of course, if you are established and have the funds to do so, then you might prefer to hire a telemarketing company – large or small – to commit to all your calls and doing what they do best: getting you more customers.

It’s been often said that telemarketing can be used as a tool for increasing sales and acquiring new leads, but how do they do it?

The trained telemarketer will demonstrate an excellent phone manner and be a top communicator. Knowing how to get information across in a concise and easy to understand way, the consumer will often want to hear more from a professional. Sales pitches will vary, depending on the client and this is also where telemarketers who have been trained to deal with these situations come into their own.

The best telemarketers don’t simply work from the same script time and again, but adapt it to different client bases and not come across as too wooden. They will have been trained on telephone etiquette and to have skills in communication that quickly builds a rapport with the potential customer. Getting them on-side is one thing – acquiring a genuine lead or a face-to-face appointment is another thing however. This is where a telemarketer’s wage is really earned.

The options are limitless with telemarketing. You can employ however many you need at any time and if it’s not working out, then you can reduce this number as you require. If you have a big promotion or event coming up that you want to push out into a wider audience, then a telemarketing campaign is a great idea. Used with initiative and planning, a telemarketing company can achieve amazing results for your business.