The hugely anticipated wait for the new Apple Watch is almost over, in fact, we can expect to see the watch in Apple stores in early 2015, according to the company’s CEO Tim Cook speaking at the company’s recent product launch event. The sleek and stylish smart device feels just like a compact iPhone, it syncs with ther iPhone, and has all the basic functions expected from an Apple product.

The watch is made from stainless steel and aluminium, enabling it to endure everyday wear. Like other Apple products, it is also customisable with eleven different faces. Retail prices are expected to be from US$349 for the basic model.

Similar to rival smart watches, the Apple watch features a rectangle design. It can beam messages from an iPhone or iPad, simplified apps and Siri (Apple’s voice-operated information navigator). Customers can choose from three different models – a basic model, the sport model and the ‘Apple Watch Edition’, which features 18 carat yellow or rose gold for an added luxurious appeal.

Other features include taptic feedback which can be used to communicate with friends’ Apple watches – you can also share your heartbeat in real time!. Apple have been working hard to extend the battery life of the new product, but indications are that it  will require a daily charge and cannot be used whilst on charge. Apple is still keeping some details under wraps but general availability of the Apple Watch, in early 2015,  is set to be a big event in the Apple calendar. As with other innovations, Apple’s announcement brings greater credibility to this market – expect further such devices to be launched over the next few months.