Why Invest in Africa?

This is a short video highlighting the development that has happened in Africa and the reasons people should consider investing in this continent. Africa has its problems like everywhere but it also has bustling cities, fabulous wildlife, educated populations, natural beauty spots, business men and women, entrepreneurs, fashion, music, restaurants and bars.
With growth rates of 5%+ and the highest return on investment at the moment, the question should really be, why are you NOT investing in Africa? Half of the top twenty fastest growing economies of 2012 were in sub-saharan Africa. Currently only 5.5% of FDI goes to Africa, so this is the time to invest. The majority of the statistics in this video are based on the most recent McKinsey reports and Ernst and Young’s Africa Attractiveness survey. Both these organisations see potential in the African market, so we are not alone in believing in a positive future for the African continent.